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Math Links

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Math Tutorials:


Brightstorm - algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus with SAT and ACT tutorial videos


Khan Academy - high quality instruction in math, science and social science


Math TV - basic math and algebra


MathTrain TV - created by middle school students with teacher guidance


Teacher Zone - more than 1,000 videos produced by Ten Marks, sign up for an account to avoid the YouTube filter


Watch Know - Thousand of videos broken down by subject area; click on the "classroom accessible" button to search for videos not hosted by YouTube




Math in movies website


Gliffy - draw and share diagrams on the web

Create A Graph - great for even young students to easily create and change graphs

Wolframalpha - computational amazing

Cut the Knot - interactive descriptions of Math

Skills - Great place to practice Math

BrainPop - Interactive stuff

Chartle - create interactive charts/graphs

Factmonster  Geometry & Baseball


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