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Science Links

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Cell Size and Scale


Solar System Scope



Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy Lesson Plans and Primary Sources

The Chernobyl Disaster
Science NetLinks | Lesson Plan | 9-12

In this lesson, students discover how a nuclear accident can affect biological systems.

Converting Energy
Science NetLinks | Lesson Plan | 6-8

To introduce students to energy through the idea of energy transformations and conversions, and to develop students’ ideas of what energy is and how it can be measured.

Cuban Missile Crisis
History Explorer | Lesson Plan | 9-12

Students learn how the U.S. and Soviet Union came to the brink of a nuclear war.

Fallout from Chernobyl
Xpeditions | Lesson Plan | 6-8

Students read and analyze several articles describing the consequences of the 1986 explosion.

Family Fallout Shelter
History Explorer | Artifact | 9-12

Show students an actual fallout shelter built in the 1950s.

Low-Level Nuclear Waste: A Geographic Analysis
Xpeditions | Lesson Plan | 9-12

Students analyze the problems surrounding nuclear waste. They compare and contrast low- and high-level nuclear waste.

Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer
History Explorer | Artifact | 9-12

The circular slide rule describes the effects of a nuclear explosion on people.

Splitting the Atom
Science NetLinks | Lesson Plan | 9-12

To use the Internet to research the history of the splitting of the atom. To use that research to prepare a presentation on an aspect of that topic.  The focus of the "splitting-the-atom" story should be on the discovery of nuclear fission and its impact on world affairs.

Three Mile Island: The Inside Story
History Explorer | Lesson Plan | 9-12

Students learn about America’s worst accident at a civilian nuclear power plant.

Three Questions About Japan's Nuclear Plants
Science NetLinks | AAAS ScienceInsider Article | 6-12

Learn about the key questions experts are grappling with in trying to contain the nuclear crisis within the Fukushima power complex.

Science NetLinks | Lesson Plan | 6-8

Learn how scientists use Zeolites to trap and seal up toxic waste.




Biology Links

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